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Who is the Podcast Librarian?

I am Alison, the Podcast Librarian. Yes, I am indeed a professional librarian, having graduated from Drexel University's MLIS graduate program in 2013. I'm currently working as the Middle School Librarian at an independent school, and have also worked at public and academic libraries.

I'm also a podcast fanatic. Pretty much every waking moment, I'm listening to podcasts--while cooking, driving, walking, and any other time that I have a free moment!

Since I often find myself recommending podcasts (which I call Listeners' Advisory--a play on words of Readers' Advisory, which is when librarians recommend books to patrons based on the patron's interests and needs), I figured it would be easiest for everyone if I put all those recommendations into a repository, or library, of sorts. You see where I'm going with this.

Most of my listening is for pleasure, but because of my work in education, I also listen with the idea in mind that some podcasts can be incorporated seamlessly into certain educational curricula for students of all ages. When I review podcasts, I will note if this is the case (though of course, if you are an educator, you'll want to listen first and decide for yourself). 

about the ones I review as well! 

Not surprisingly, I love to chat about pods, so feel free to contact me to recommend your fave pods!

Happy Listening!


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