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Podcast Librarian

I am a school librarian (by day) who listens to dozens of podcasts each week, covering all sorts of genres and topics.

This is where I review podcasts I listen to for fun, which occasionally include #edtech ideas and pods with curricular ties!

I am also a professional editor (of words) who can help you polish your scripted pod before you hit record--helping you avoid errors and ensure your listenership is focusing on your ideas, not your grammar!

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Hi, I'm Alison

Podcast Librarian

I write honest, thoughtful, independent reviews about the podcasts I love. I listen to dozens of different podcasts each week (true crime, comedy, investigative, educational, daily news, interview, entrepreneurship, and more!) and review the ones I love the most. 

As an educator (middle/secondary school librarian), I know that podcasts can be integrated seamlessly into your lesson plans and curriculum. Many--but not all--of the podcasts I review are great for teaching; others are just for fun!

If you're a podcast fan, then this is your jam. If you're a podcaster, I will soon be offering fee-based (but affordable) critiques of your podcast so that we can ensure your podcast will attract your ideal listener. As a professional editor (of words, not audio), I will also be offering podcast script editing services so that you will never again get an Apple Podcasts review that says something like, "Wanted to like this, but the host always misuses [word] or switches between past and present tense." Stop losing listeners--and ad revenue--because of tiny errors in your script!

Have a podcast to recommend? Need help finding a podcast you'll enjoy? Get in touch, so we can talk all things pod!

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