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Confronting O.J. Simpson: The (other) victim's sister speaks out

The Premise (from Apple Podcasts):

25 years after the crimes that ignited the "Trial of the Century" Kim Goldman, sister of murder victim Ron Goldman, is digging deep into the vicious crime that changed her life, and many others, forever. Thrust into the public eye at the age of 22, Kim was devastated when OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her brother Ron. There has been much debate and confusion about what really happened the night of those brutal murders and for the first time Kim gets answers to questions that have been haunting her since the trial. She sits down with prosecutors, investigators, and witnesses who never got to speak and jurors who voted not guilty. In this 10-part series, Kim takes you on a journey as she reclaims and reflects on the part of her life that was changed permanently.

Series or standalone:


Begin listening to:

The Life and Death of Ron Goldman


Investigative reporting/storytellling


Kim Goldman, sister of the victim, Ron Goldman

Sound/production quality:

Very good

Rating/age suitability:


Approximate length of episodes:

45 minutes

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Podcast Librarian’s Review:

The story of O.J. Simpson’s homicide trial has been told in many ways, but I had almost forgotten that there was another murder victim, Ron Goldman. Ron was host Kim Goldman’s beloved brother, and after all these years, she tells her story of how O.J. destroyed her family. Kim starts with memories of her and Ron’s childhood and growing up with just their dad in the picture. Then, she moves into the details of the murder, trial, and aftermath as it affected her and her father. Nancy Glass (executive producer) is Kim’s co-host, and she helps Kim track down and ask the hard questions of various players in the trial. Some of these conversations are heated. There are some new details we learn (for example, I was shocked about the Goldman family’s connection to O.J.’s book, If I Did It), but overall, this podcast succeeds not because of revealing new info but because it allows Kim to speak on her family’s behalf and try to heal 25 years after Ron’s murder. Kim is also sympathetic to Nicole and addresses the abuse she endured from O.J.--more than I have heard elsewhere.

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