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Hills I'd Die On: Funny people defend their most unpopular opinions

The Premise (from Apple Podcasts):

Welcome to Hills I'd Die On: A podcast where writer/comedian Taylor Cox invites guests to discuss and debate unpopular opinions they feel so strongly about, they'd be willing to die on a hill over them. A new episode will be available every Tuesday on Spotify, Apple and everywhere else you normally listen to podcasts. Check it out!

Series or standalone:


Begin listening to:

Any episode




Taylor Cox

Sound/production quality:

Very good

Rating/age suitability:


Approximate length of episodes:

45 minutes

Curricular ties:


Similar recommended pods:

The Alarmist

Podcast Librarian’s Review:

In this pod, host Taylor Cox (writer/comedian) and her guests--many of whom are semi-famous actors on TV shows--discuss the guest’s personal hill they would die on, which might be an unpopular opinion (Adults Who Love Disney are Unwell; The Bachelor is the Best Way to Find Love), pet peeve (Speaker Phone in Public is Rude) or wild conspiracy theory (J.K. Rowling is Dead; Cats are Literally Snakes). After debating and dissecting the issue at hand, Taylor wraps up the episode with a “eulogy” stating the hill the guest died on and plugging their projects in a more fun, creative way than any other pod. The episodes are short (right around 30-40 minutes) and usually quite funny--through of course, that does depend a bit on the topic and how funny the guest is. It’s utterly ridiculous but relatable (in fact, I share a lot of the “unpopular” opinions), and it’s become one of my favorite pods.

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