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Safe for Work: The most fun work advice show (#DearlyDepodded)

The Premise (from Apple Podcasts):

Life at work can be funny, challenging, ridiculous, and — yes, even satisfying. Here at Safe For Work, we’re all about helping you find balance and happiness in your career. After all, many of us spend more time with our co-workers and clients than with our friends and family. Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano give advice on everything from how to avoid burnout on the job to how to fake an illness when you’re calling in sick. We also talk to experts about those moments at the office that can challenge the best of us: negotiating raises, knowing when it’s time to move on…or dealing with that annoying office mate with no boundaries. From Wondery, the network behind Business Wars, Safe For Work is helpful career advice that’s lively and fun, just like your work life should be.

Series or standalone:


Begin listening to:

Any episode


Advice show


Liz Dolan (Satellite Sisters) and Rico Gagliano (Dinner Party Download)

Sound/production quality:

Very good

Rating/age suitability:


Approximate length of episodes:

30 minutes

Curricular ties:


Similar recommended pods:

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Podcast Librarian’s Review: Liz and Rico give practical advice about all sorts of workplace dilemmas in a thoughtful but comedic way. Both are podcast vets (Rico of Dinner Party Download and Liz of the Satellite Sisters) and have had other careers in various positions and industries. Each episode starts off with either Rico or Liz telling a work anecdote that doesn’t have anything to do with the week’s theme but always breaks the ice with laughter. They take listener calls and offer advice for dealing with all sorts of workplace and career advice, and they also interview interesting people including Coach Larry, who also gives great work advice. What sets this apart from other career pods (besides the fun personalities of the hosts) are segments like Work Pop (in which they dissect a scene of work life from popular movies/TV shows) and Lingo Bingo, in which they discuss a ridiculous piece of workplace lingo. I especially love the latter because it’s so satisfying to hear other people get annoyed by all the unnecessary work jargon. SFW is one of my favorite pods to listen to on my morning commute. It’s definitely the most fun work/career pod out there! ⠀⠀

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