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Watch What Crappens: My favorite podcast!

The premise (from Stitcher):

A weekly podcast that revels in all thing Bravo. Join Ben Mandelker (Real Housewares of Kitchen Island YouTube) and Ronnie Karam (Rose Pricks Bachelor Podcast) as they praise, ridicule, and eviscerate the Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and whatever other crap Bravo throws at us. We mock because we love.


Comedy; TV Series or standalone: Each episode stands alone, but they will make more sense if you have seen whatever show is being covered. There are at least 5 new episodes each week, with Patreon bonus episodes available. The episodes are recaps of whatever Bravo episodes air that week. Note: Older episodes were not divided by each show, so they ran a little longer and covered several different shows in one episode. They're still great but a little harder to skip through if you are not familiar with a certain show or franchise. However, this is a moot point if you're starting with any episode recorded within in the last couple years.

Begin listening to: Any episode! You can jump right in. Format: Two hosts chatting and doing their hilarious impersonations of ridiculous Bravo personalities. Host(s): Ronnie Karam (Trash Talk TV/Rose Pricks Bachelor Roast podcast) and Ben Mandelker (B-Side Blog and Real Housewives of Kitchen Island YouTube channel). Both guys are hilarious in their own right, but they've been doing this podcast together for years, and the chemistry is something special! Sound/production quality: Excellent! These guys have podcast recording via Skype down to a science. Rating/age suitability: Adult (or if your high schooler loves Real Housewives, that’s probably fine, too). There’s some language, which is not surprising, considering they’re covering shows in which the cast members swear like sailors. Approximate length of episodes: ~60-75 minutes Curricular ties: Nada! This is purely for entertainment purposes (unless you’re teaching a class about the sociology and psychology of Real Housewives--in which case, hit me up because we obviously need to be friends)! Similar recommended pods: Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino; Bitch Sesh Podcast Librarian's Review:

Two hilarious gay guys recap, practically minute-by-minute, episodes of Real Housewives, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, and whatever other crap is on Bravo that week. This is my top favorite podcast, so in some ways, it’s difficult to review; I just want everyone to listen and love it as much as I do. Obviously, it’s a bit niche since not everyone watches Bravo shows (seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing) or enjoys them enough to need a comedy recap of each episode (again, you have no clue what you’re missing). Ben and Ronnie’s impersonations of Bravolebrities are purposely exaggerated, and episodes are often peppered with tangents, mini-rants, and musical interludes. Speaking of which, if you are a Below Deck fan, you must not miss Episode #830, Below Deck the Musical 2! New listeners may need a little time to get used to some running in-jokes (including Geraldine Parson Smith, Ramona Singer’s arch nemesis and Trixie Monacle, British pop queen of royalty-free music), but you catch on quickly. Another wonderful aspect of this podcast is the community of listeners; there are several Facebook groups for fans, as well as live shows. I even met one of my best friends in one of these groups. All in all, if you have any interest in any Bravo show, give WWC a listen. And don’t be surprised if (like me), you end up watching everything on Bravo just to listen to these hysterical recaps!

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