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Wheel of Misfortune: Cracking up at other people's hilariously embarrassing stories

The Premise (from Apple Podcasts):

Wheel of Misfortune with comedians Alison Spittle and Fern Brady sharing their funniest most embarrassing stories: the bad stuff that makes you feel good.

Series or standalone:


Begin listening to:

Any episode at all; if you're not easily grossed out, then Poo with Phil Wang is a real standout




Hilarious comedians Allison Spittle & Fern Brady

Sound/production quality:

Very good

Rating/age suitability:

Adult! Definitely not for young, innocent ears.

Approximate length of episodes:

40 minutes

Curricular ties:


Similar recommended pods:

For other casual comedic discussion, check out Who? Weekly and Hills I'd Die On.

Podcast Librarian’s Review:

This is probably the most FUN podcast to come out in 2020. The premise is that we all have embarrassing/awkward stories about a variety of topics, and these hosts aren't afraid to share theirs publicly. Fern and Allison (who are Scottish and Irish, respectively) are hilarious comedians who have a story for every occasion. Each episode has a theme (Pee, Childhood Hobbies, Drugs, Hair Horrors, etc.). The episode begins with a listener-submitted story that goes along with the episode's theme. Next, Fern, Allison, and a comic guest share their own stories. Finally, they spin the Wheel of Misfortune to determine the theme for the next episode. This is obviously not family-friendly listening and is not for the easily offended, but it’s given me a lot of joy. On top of being extremely funny people with a seemingly endless supply of humiliating stories, Fern and Allison have absolutely amazing accents that are really fun for this American to listen to each week. Plus, they sing the theme song live each week, which might normally seem unnecessary or annoying to me, but it's actually endearing (especially when they sum up the episode's stories in song at that end)! The hosts and their guest crack each other up, and the whole thing feels like a casual hang-out with friends. Delightful!

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